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The Iwano Project RETROX, a large retrospective the selected group international exhibition will be held from 14 - 24 February 2013. in Novi Sad (Serbia), the Museum of Contemporary Art. 
The exhibition will be opened by H. E. Japanese Ambassador Toshio Tsunozaki in 7 PM. 
Take part over 100 artists from 24 countries and four continents, curated by Nebojsa Milenkovic.

Here you can download complete PDF catalog of the exhibition “The Iwano Project RETROX

  H. E. Japanese Ambassador Toshio Tsunozaki

" The international retrospective exhibition RETRO X, which represents creative art pieces exhibited in the previous ten cycles of the project, witnesses the successful realization of the intercultural project IWANO, which over the past 12 years since its inception has promoted in a unique way the international cultural cooperation founded on Japanese culture and tradition materialized through the famous Japanese handmade paper in large scales. Artists originating from different countries from all over the world have given the original artistic visions through their unique personal styles joining them with the Japanese tradition. The Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Serbia supports the idea of intercultural dialogue which lies at the grounds of the IWANO project as well, and which we consider has a special value for development of all forms of international and intercultural cooperation",




N E W   P R OG R A M M:

DanubeView or “My View of the Danube” is one of the most prominent programs of the international art project “The Iwano Project” centered in Novi Sad.
The Danube has always connected peoples and cultures as it traverses the very heart of Europe, which has positioned it as the theme and form of communication in this case in the domain of culture. It is a known fact that there is an institutional framework for cooperation of the countries which have access to the Danube, primarily in the field of transportation but this is only one of the potential frameworks.
This project offers a new possibility for interactive cultural communication, opening up possibilities for new models of cooperation.
“DanubeView” is designed as a framework for interactive cultural cooperation of artists from the countries with access to the Danube and broadly speaking of creative capacities with the intention of expressing their own impressions and saving them as cultural heritage on the subject “My View of the Danube”.
Participation would promote gender equality by being exclusive for academic women-artists from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Moldova and each cycle would feature a guest from another region – continent, who is partial to the Danube.
The project comprises two phases:

I – Workshop
The first Workshop should be held at the villa owned by the provincial government of Vojvodina in the vicinity of Novi Sad, on a hilltop overlooking the Danube, in August 2012:
At least 12 women-artists from the countries with access to the Danube would take part, along with a guest from elsewhere, who would, in the form of triptych
(three paintings connected in a horizontal series of joint dimensions 240 x 60cm), be creating their own unique works of art on the subject "My View of the Danube".
The plan is to hold one cycle each year in a different country, resulting in an incremental collection of valuable works of art as part of cultural heritage and richness of diversities of the cultures of the countries with access to the Danube.

II - Exhibitions
Following the realization of the Workshop, the created works of art in the form of triptych would be exhibited to the public in the form of polyptych, a series of interconnected triptychs forming a line of all the authors' paintings as a metaphor of the Danube.
Such exhibition may be cloned theoretically in all the countries with access to the Danube in succession, choosing the next year’s host each time.
- The selection of women-artists for each cycle will be made according to the submitted documentation by a competent body – the Project Council, comprising the President of the Project Board, representative of the Danube Commission, and three experts – curators.
- The prize awarded to one author of each cycle is determined.
- Since The Iwano Project is located in Novi Sad, a city on the Danube, this is where the project will be centered and where coordination will be done.
- In case of an agreement about the participation of artists from the countries with access to the Danube, this will open up yet another framework for successful communication and positive cultural positioning of all the countries taking part. Therefore, the recommendation is to reach an international agreement on joint support of the project, coordinated by the Embassy of Serbia in Budapest.
- In order to achieve a long-term and sustainable character of the project, it is necessary to realize all the recommended standards within the international agreement from the start, in which case all the countries taking part would support this international project in the domain of cultural cooperation on equal footing by a symbolic amount of money.
- The fact that initiative originated in the country located on the middle of the Danube's flow opens up the possibilities for other projects primarily from the domain of culture, which will complement the existing cooperation in the field of transportation – allowing us to metaphorically say that interactive cultural communication is basically a form of TRANSPORTATION.


Participants/Artists: The Iwano Project IX 2008/09 _____________________________________________
38 artists from 20 countries, with 76 art works

Christian Egon Barnthaler
Manuela Hillebrand
Marie Neugebauer  
Veronique Vanderhinste
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Elvedina Sarajlić
Nikola Zaklan
Bogdan Aleksandrov
Christian Apostolov Lapchev
Rumen Mihov Dimitrov
Albena Bendji Mihajlova
Stefan Wehmeier
Philomene Zeltz
Eugen Borkovsky
Burhan Hadžialjević
Ákos Bánki
Suzanne Kocsis
Eszter Palik
Giorgio Pahor
Ljiljana Radičević
Atsuya Hirane
Atsuko Kataka
Miku Fujino 
FYR Macedonia
Petra Jovanovska
Tadija Janičić
Katarina Švabić Đurašković
New Zeeland
Jane Barbara Lind Walker
Robert Caglic
Katja Oblak
Svetlana Mihalj
Macovei Dani Costin
Andrei Matei Banc
Slobodan Parežanin
Srba Travanov
Tatjana Milošević
Dragan Živančević
United Kingdom
Sara-Anne Barraclough
Veselinka Beba McLarnon
United States
Julia Yerkov Kline

From the opening ceremony of The Iwano Project IX in Belgrade. The exhibition was opened by H.E. Ambassador of Republic France Jean-François Terral in  Muzej 25. maj, December 22nd 2008.

The grand opening of the Internatsional artistic project “The Iwano Project VII” is scheduled for December the 20th, at 1 PM at the “Muzej 25. Maj”, Bulevar mira 92, in Dedinje area of Belgrade, Serbia. The exhibition shall bi opened until January the 15th 2007. At the exhibition there will be presentation of 42 paintings of twenty one artists from ten South European countries. The uniqueness of the exhibits lies in the fact that they were made on World renowned hand made Japanese paper, donated by Mr. Heizaburo Iwano.
- In addition to the paintings created within The Iwano Project VII, the artistic forms created within the “ Workshop 05” by participants of the fourth gathering of the colony, which took place in the Village of Cortanovci in the vicinity of Novi Sad.
- The opening of the coming exhibition “The Iwano Project VII” shall take place in Novi Sad, Serbia, on January the 16th at 7 PM within the premises of the “Muzej Vojvodine” in Dunavska 37 Street. This particular exhibition is planed to close on January the 29th, 2007.

Integral part of both exhibitions shall represent the presentation The Iwano Project VIII – “WORKSHOP 06”- 2006., which captured the true nature and the atmosphere of this International artistic colony, in which participation took eight artists from South Central European countries as well as our dear guests from Japan.
This indeed represents the first attempt of capturing the working atmosphere of this truly unique artistic colony, by means of most up to date A/V and IT technology.

The Iwano Project VII 2006 - 07. – Participants:

BiH RS - Tatjana Škrbic
BG - Emil Mirazchiev
BG - Marija Popova
BG - Yohanes Artinyan
HR - Igor Grgurevic
HR -Korana Lukic -Šuran
HR -Vinko Šaina
HU - Emese Gog
HU -Szófia Szemzö
IT - Liliana Radicevic
FYRM - Iva Josifova
FYRM -Monika Desoska
SRB - Ivana Mali Vukelic
SRB -Jelena Medjed
SRB -Šejma Prodanovic
SRB -Danijel Babic
SK - Martina Lacova
SK - Klaudia Kosziba
SLO - Irma Gnezda
SLO - Meta Adamic Bahl
RO - Spatariu Sabina


The next "The Iwano Project VIII - WORKSHOP 06" will be held from August 14th to 21th 2006 at the representative villa of the Provincial Government of Vojvodina in Cortanovci place near Novi Sad, overlooking the Danube. Participation is reserved to ten women artists who will be creating works of art on the exclusive Japanese hand-made paper, courtesy of Mr. Heizaburo Iwano. Interested woman artists can apply using the ENTRY FORM link at the web site The applications will be evaluated by a special jury. We recommend that the applicants be suggested by former participants. [ More News... ]

The project was created in 1999. as a personal project and private initiative of Mr. Aleksandar Pedovic, designer and artist from Novi Sad.

The basis of the project is to be found in the interactive communication between two so different civilizations, the Japanese and ours, European civilization, which is manifested in an international group exhibition realized on hand-made Japanese paper produced by Mr. Heizaburo Iwano.

Paper production

Terms and Conditions


February 1. – 8. 2011

The Iwano Project X – Opening of the exhibition
Ensuing is a large-scale group exhibition for the occasion of the anniversary of The Iwano Project X international art project.

The exhibition will feature 70 large-scale works of art on hand-made Japanese paper by 37 artists from 19 countries from three continents.

The exhibition will be opened by Mr. Kenneth Sooley, Counsellor, Embassy of Canada in

The exhibition will be opened on Tuesday, February 1st 2011 at 7 PM at the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina, Dunavska 37 in Novi Sad (Serbia).
The exhibition will remain on display until February 8th 2011.

December 2010.

The Iwano Project is organizing a charity auction whose entire proceeds are aimed to help the earthquake relief efforts in Kraljevo.

The auction will be held on: 14. December 2010 at the gallery Progress from 12 pm to 7 pm in Belgrade. It will feature outstanding large-scale works of art made on the famous hand-made Japanese Kumohada-Mashi paper, by a selection of authors from the previous two cycles of the project.

Only embassies of the countries of participating authors will have the right to take part at the charity auction.

These are: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Spain, UK, and USA.

Enlarged duration of The Iwano Project IX exhibition in Belgrade/Serbia, till end of the January 2009.
Working time of the "Muzej 25. maj", is for visitors on working days: 10 AM - 4 PM, on the Monday and day off closed.

The Iwano Project IX – Exhibitions:

Serbia / Belgrade:
Muzej 25. maj, Bulevar mira 92, Dedinje, Belgrade.
From December 22nd 2008 till end of January 2009.  2009.
Working time of Museum: 9 AM – 4 PM, at Monday closed.
The opening ceremony is on December 22nd at 7 PM. The exhibition will be opened by H.E. Ambassador of Republic France, Jean-François Terral.


Serbia / Novi Sad:
From February 17 – 28th 2009.
Working time of Museum: 9 AM – 4 PM, at Monday closed.
The opening ceremony is on February 17th at 7 PM. The exhibition will be opened by madam Pascale Delpech,  director of France Cultural Center in Belgrade.

The Iwano Project VIII


December 20th 2007 till January 10th 2008, in „Muzej 25. maj“, Bulevar mira 92, in Belgrade, Serbia. Special quest on the opening ceremony was Dr. Alessandra Bertini Malgarini, director of „Istituto Italiano di Cultura“, in Belgrade.

Novi sad
The opening ceremony is on January 10th 2007 at 7 PM in „Muzej Vojvodine“, Dunavska 37, in Novi Sad, Serbia. The exhibition will be opened till January 28th 2008.

On the new cataloque is attached special edition documentary DVD presentation (~30`),
of „The Iwano Project VIII – „Workshop 06“

Take part 37 artists from 15 countries (Europe, USA and Japan), with 74 atrworks maded on hand made Japanese paper.



The Iwano Project VII
– Exhibition in Pula (Istria – Croatia)

The final exhibition from the “The Iwano Project VII” cycle will be held from October 12th through 22nd 2007 upon invitation by the Istria region – the city of Pula (Republic of Croatia).



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