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As you already know, this year from August 13th to 29th, the XXVIII Olympic Games will be held in Greece. Tens of thousands of participants and visitors are expected to pass by our city, Novi Sad (Belgrade, Niš...) traveling on the E-5 international highway connecting Northern and Central Europe which is an ideal opportunity to present ourselves in new - positive light. "The Olympic Way", author's project by Aleksandar Pedovic, artist and designer from Novi Sad was created with the idea to promote our culture and international and regional co-operation as well as the OLYMPIC SPIRIT.

1st part - the static part

Is represented by the colonade of contemporary sculptures sympolizing the OLYMPIC SPIRIT for whose realization there would be an international competition involving artists from the countries through which the E-5 passes. The sculptures would be alligned along the highway by Novi Sad, with trees in the background, adequate illumination, parking spaces, info service to give information on our city and country and our turist destinations, there would also be all the information on the sponsors of the Project... for which we would need a project ellaboration and the help of experts and institutions.

The sculptures symbolizing the message of the OLYMPIC SPIRIT would attract attentnion of our and international public to this unique project starting from here. Every country on the way of E-5 would sponsor one sculpture. This model would, after its realization here, be offered to other countries to promote their international and regional co-operation. Even after the Olympic Games come to an end, everyone traveling the E-5 by this collonade will be able to recognize our city and its culture as unique location on the entire length of the highway.

2nd part - the mobile part

This project is the result of the art project called "The Iwano Project" also based on international co-operation (more information can be accessed at, and the second phase would comprise: A ten-member crew including a skipper (qualified to navigate cruising yachts) which would carry with itself the elaboration of "The Olympic Way" project, the Project sculptures symbolizing the OLYMPIC SPIRIT and a symbolic torch to be presented to the representative of the Olympic Committee in Athens. The event would be covered by the media, after which the partcipants would set sail in a rented yacht of the type Alfa 51ft or OceanStar 51.2 ft to cruise the Greek islands for three weeks.

During this cruise, at every place the crew comes ashore, there will be a presentation of the project and the mayor of each town would be presented with "The Olympic Spirit" sculpture. Every such event would be covered by the media together with the presentation of the sponsors... The participants, that is the artists taking part in "The Iwano Project VI - Workshop" will paint on the famous Japanese hand-made paper during this cruise. Their works will be exhibited in 2005 in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pula (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary)... After the Workshop has finished, the Olympic Committee in Athens will be presented with a work of art created on the cruise made on the famous Japanese hand-made paper by "The Olympic Way" and "The Iwano Project".

Aleksandar Pedovic

The Olympic Way is a project supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and UPIDIV, the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Vojvodina.

* Registered author's project at UPIDIV, Novi Sad, member of the World Association of Graphic Designers, ICOGRADA, Brusseles.