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The Iwano Project I The Iwano Project II
The Novi Sad municipal assembly
Printing house S-Print, Novi Sad
Embassy of Switzerland
ANA All Nipon Airways, Japan
"Metals banka", Novi Sad
The Vojvodina gallery, SPC Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Pritig house LitoStudio, Novi Sad
GRIF, Novi Sad
TIP, Novi Sad
JAT, Yugoslav air carrier
The Iwano Project III The Iwano Project IV
Provincial government of Vojvodina: Culture, education and science department, Department for labor and equality among the sexes
The municipal government of Novi Sad - Culture department
"Novosadska banka", Novi Sad
"Produktna berza", Novi Sad
"Privredna komora Vojvodine"
C-MARK, Novi Sad
"JP Informatika", Novi Sad
Printing house LitoStudio, Novi Sad
Studio Maximov, Novi Sad

Activity program for The Iwano Project IV 2002-2003
Letter to sponsor
Program of marketing activities
Sponsorship contract

"Art sponsorship is a fertile soil making an advertisment, or, allow me to use a culture metaphor, with already grown plants, it can be the way to have the benefit that plants have from proper sun exposure."

Alastair Sedwick