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This is the fourth year of The Iwano Project, an author's art and regional project of artist and designer from Novi Sad, Aleksandar Pedovic, for culture encompassing well known experts and artists. I believe we are in the "best" years, which is why we will try to prove our creativity through several interesting activities this year.

The central part of our idea will be resented in the organization of "The Iwano Project IV", during the year, although the previous cycle has just finished on a yearly basis, and a new one, cycle V for the year 2004. starts in August in the form of a workshop. Within this cultural activity and manifestation of regional characted and co-operation with Japan, the works of the best artsists from Vojvodina - SCG, and artists from the region will be presented.

We expect "The Iwano Project IV - 2003" to include 30 renowned artists, and to draw quite a publicity in the media. However, this will not just be an opportunity just for the art lovers to enjoy. This program of cultural activities including a number of authors' projects and manifestations traditionally attracts businessmen as well in search of new ideas who realize the importance of art and design in modern economy. Also, I would like to add that the project will include several discussions on the aspects of the co-operation Japan- Europe - region.

"The Iwano Project IV 2002-2003" program started last year when 10 women artists from the region created in the form of a workshop in the "Stankovic" villa of Vojvodina's provincial government in Cortanovci. The project will last at least till the end of 2003. and bice the exhibitions in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Niš and some of the countries in the region will be organized (the previous The Iwano Project III was presented in Pula - HR in March nad April 2003. at their invitation), we will aslo organize promotions and press conferences of this project whose every cycle lasts about a year.

Preparations for this major ad important project must be carried out much earlier requiring financial resources we do not possess ourselves. For this reason, we have decided to turn to donnors who have the respect for arts, but business as well so as to use the business possibilities "The Iwano Project IV 2002 - 2003" has to offer.

The main idea behind The Iwano Project is the communication between two so very different cultures: the Japanese and our, European, making this project one of its manifestations.

As you probably know, with the announcement by the government dated February 26th 2002. a new era started in the arts and culture financing, since, following the example of well developed countries, the possibility has been introduced for firms to direct 1.5 % of their total profits to finance arts and culture, which is treated as expense (only for SCG).

We are sure that this project is a great opportunity for you to invest in real values. We hope that you will, considering your interests, choose one of the given possibilities of the marketing program making it possible for "The Iwano Project IV 2002 - 2003" to be even more successful.

Yours sincerely,

President of UO UPIDIV
Director of The Iwano Project
Aleksandar Pedovic

Novi Sad, June 13th 2003

Activity program for The Iwano Project IV 2002-2003
Letter to sponsor
Program of marketing activities
Sponsorship contract

"Art sponsorship is a fertile soil making an advertisment, or, allow me to use a culture metaphor, with already grown plants, it can be the way to have the benefit that plants have from proper sun exposure."

Alastair Sedwick